Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Scott Stringer got NY Post Editors to defend de Blasio Over Jails

Scott Stringer got NY Post Editors to defend de Blasio Over Jails 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vote for Eliot Sptizer because Scott Stringer an Idiot Supports Tax Breaks for Pro-Pedophilla Group

Vote for Eliot Sptizer because Scott Stringer an Idiot Supports Tax Breaks for Pro-Pedophilla Group

Controller candidate Scott Stringer voted to let a pro-pedophilia group keep its tax break

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Scott Stringer Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg in bed with illegal third term greedy corrupt Oligarch NY which is why we have Rudin Condos and not Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care.

Stringer and Quinn could have gotten us protective zoning for a hospital only!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Christine Quinn Unauthorized Bio Better Than Cats Scott Stringer St Vincent's Hospital Rudin Sell-out Coming soon next Volume

This is volume 1.....
Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn sold us out to Rudin Family greed not mentioned Scott Stringer selling out but it will be in next volume

Available at St. Marks Book Store by the front register starting Friday
East Village and now available Book Thug Nation in Williamsburg Brooklyn
North Third just below Berry St.

Author: Louis Flores with unauthorized
biography on Christine Quinn at St. Mark's Bookshop!
31 3rd Avenue
East Village

Occucopy did printing a new cooperative project!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy dressed as Christine Quinn April 2012 Demanding Money Back for People of NYC!

Reminder Scott Stringer not qualified to be comptroller and he knows it.  Scott Stringer the tax payer's black hole!

In this post on CityTime NYC gov scandal and how NYC gov workers profited left their doitt jobs to be lobbyists --- here I am dressed as Christine Quinn asking for money back for the People of NYC from SAIC's auditors Deloitte  April 16, 2012!!!!!!

I want damages way more money from SAIC and their auditors!

Read the post and learn about this and ECTP 911 guess who were lobbyists on that corruption two oops too -- guess who's names keep popping up!!!!

Both connected one to Rudy and both to Mike!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Only think worse than Christine Quinn for mayor is scott stringer for comptroller

Christine Quinn No Rape Center No Trauma Level 1 Hospital her own District Sell-out Announces she is running for mayor

More middle class people left NYC under Bloomberg and your rule -- your third term lies more people fell in to poverty and homelessness as you grew richer.

You sold us out and betrayed us.

Rupert Murdoch will love her kissing the Unions asses but how many Union workers lost their jobs and remain unemployed because of St. Vincent's crooks and Quinn refuses to pressure Cy Vance to prosecute the

Wow you are lying your tush off. You sold out your own district for kick backs from Rudin family and their pals so we have no Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a RAPE CRISIS Center. Amazing Gloria Steinem does not confront you. U sold the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy when u grew richer and more New Yorkers fell in to poverty and homelessness. The most people left NYC under ur rule since the American Indians and Scott Stringer who sold us out as well as comptroller is a nightmare.

Expect to booed on your walk and talk tour.

Christine Quinn the black nail polish has to go but how about answering tough questions about
1) ECTP 911 tech system disaster theivery and flaws 1 billion dollars over budget.

2) CityTime and 911 ECTP you green lighted mega corruption the way you green lighted community crushing development.

3) St. Vincent's Hospital.  You haven't pressured Cy Vance to prosecute the crooks and he has not just like he refuses to prosecute the crooks ECTP 911 so crooks just flourish and you I hope will be called CityTime trial.

4) Your role in corruption Board of Election and you right to appoint BOE officials must be stopped which Cuomo and Albany so far have not done but no more should one person a city council speaker have that right because you have allowed all phases of corruption BOE to thrive and fall.

BOE major tech scandals as well.  BOE has their own version of CityTime as well all under Bloomberg.

5) You and Scott Stringer sold out the West Village Chelsea because you could have fought for zoning protection for a Trauma Level 1 hospital but as usual you pushed a reckless tsunami of development for your boss mike bloomberg with too many infrastructures that cannot sustain your reckless, stupid greedy decisions.

The list is long but happy to see so many thumbs downs on the YouTube.