Sunday, February 24, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy Comptroller I would run just to expose how unqualified he is

I have the flu but sickened to hear Scott Stringer has no challenger.

I have to get 20,000 signatures in 45 days but I am thinking of running because Scott Stringer is the tax payers black hole.   We the tax payers chauffeur him every where because he can't take a subway and we the tax payers have to pay for men not NYPD holding machine guns to guard his office?

Scott Stringer shame on you greeting New Yorkers with machine guns.  The Manhattan Borough President's office should be on the ground floor with an open door to the people.

Tell us how much those machine gun toting guards cost the tax payers?  You are not qualified to be comptroller and a poster boy for waste.  Get rid of the machine guns and take a subway.


I work 7 days a week exposing corruption and I am on YouTube with local 375 DC37 and Tish James standing outside SAIC's offices asking for our tax payer money back!!!!

The YouTube shows me asking for 1 billion dollars x 3 Rico (that's right just me but the bar way higher)  instead of the $450 million cash back we got back which was great but before anyone I have YouTubes stating we must not renew with SAIC.

I want to shame Scott Stringer and expose him as a fraud.

Go to the top of this blog and see my first YouTube on SAIC and CityTime.
Here is the YouTube where I say we must not renew with SAIC.  I was the only person to say this and the NY State Comptroller later agreed banning SAIC from any NY State and City Contracts!

Where was Scott Stringer?

Enjoying your tax payer money!!!

Ask him why no Trauma Level 1 hospital west village with a rape crisis center but instead his pal Bill Rudin's luxury condos.   Ask Scott Stringer how we can live without hospitals?
Can Rudin luxury condos do CPR?

Ask Stringer why he supported Columbia University eminent domain abuse!!!!

By the way Scott how is Columbia U doing honoring their agreement to help the community -- I hear lousy.

Scott Stringer should never be comptroller.

I want to bring attention to the fact Scott Stringer is not qualified and I would urge you to vote for anyone but him.

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