Monday, March 11, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy dressed as Christine Quinn April 2012 Demanding Money Back for People of NYC!

Reminder Scott Stringer not qualified to be comptroller and he knows it.  Scott Stringer the tax payer's black hole!

In this post on CityTime NYC gov scandal and how NYC gov workers profited left their doitt jobs to be lobbyists --- here I am dressed as Christine Quinn asking for money back for the People of NYC from SAIC's auditors Deloitte  April 16, 2012!!!!!!

I want damages way more money from SAIC and their auditors!

Read the post and learn about this and ECTP 911 guess who were lobbyists on that corruption two oops too -- guess who's names keep popping up!!!!

Both connected one to Rudy and both to Mike!

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